Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day!

Current Location: Tualatin, OR

We've managed to evade the snow all winter...until today. Seattle did have a major snow event over Thanksgiving, but we were in Alaska. And it did snow while we were in Anchorage, but we were just visiting so that didn't count in my mind. We were counting our blessings when the snow was dumping on the southeast and the deep freeze was cooling down the southwest. Although we've experienced enough rain to last us the rest of the year, the silver lining is that rain means that it's warm enough to not have to worry about snow!

But our day has arrived. The weather forecasters have been talking about this storm for days. And late last night, our big snow arrived. All one inch of it! Almost all of the schools in the region were closed, which make me chuckle, considering that the snow was completely gone by 10 am.

Now I know that other places in the Portland-metro area received more snow and I fully understand that the closures were made early in the morning when the snow was still falling and I know that they're not used to getting much snow here, but still it was such a non-event! Having grown up in the Northeast and having spent more than 20 years in Colorado, I guess I'm used to snowfall measured in feet.

The widespread school closures also meant that many businesses decided not to open also. And that included Tracy's office, so she got an unexpected day off! Unfortunately, she's battling a bug that's been going around so she spent most of her free day in bed. And I spent most of the day trying to be quiet so she could sleep. I guess that's one of the downfalls of living in such a small space.

And unfortunately, this storm brought along a cold front. For the first time since we've been here, they are predicting overnight temperatures in the teens and low 20's. Brrr. I guess it's our time though, so no complaining here. We've had a pretty mild winter all things considered. It's so tolerable that we've both said that we would consider spending another winter here! If you had asked me earlier in the winter I might have had a different answer, but both the weather and our attitudes improved once we moved to Portland. It may not be your typical snowbird locale, but it's really not a bad place to winter down!


  1. Guess what? They are predicting snow for Tucson. Looks like no matter how far south you go this year, it may snow. We think it is funny. The weather man here says it is going to get down righ "frigid". Now when I hear frigid i think below zero but here frigid is below 30 degrees(lol). I guess its all relative.

  2. Take care of Tracy. We've got that crud bug and rest is the best thing for it. Oregon is definitely in our sights, however distant it may be.

  3. We hope Tracy is feeling better real soon. We know that crud can kick your a**!

    Thankfully we have thawed out here. Yesterday it was 75.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  4. So sorry we missed it...NOT! We have had cold, even freesing, weather on our journey this past week. Hope Oregon warms up before we get home!

  5. We've been traveling to keep one step ahead of the snow/wind/cold/???We pushed on and avoided Deming, NM to avoid 16 degree temps this morning! We're in Picacho, AZ which has got moderate temps--36 degrees last night. We are really looking forward to Oregon and Washington in about a month...take care, Tracy!