Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The trials and tribulations of living in a small space (Golden, CO)

When we were considering this lifestyle, the one aspect we were not concerned with was sharing a small space. We've taken many road trips in both cars and RVs, we've done our share of camping, we never fight, and we've never needed space from each other. Until now. The other day we had a bit of a disagreement, which quickly got out of hand. I won't bore you with the details, but will tell you I won, as is obvious by Tracy's face...

OK, just kidding. There was no fight and no punches were thrown. As much as Tracy likes to blame me for this, she did it all herself! She'd been having a pretty bad morning, having bumped her head multiple times on various parts of the RV. The last "bump" was into the side of the king pin, which resulted in blood dribbling down her face. But wait, that's not what caused the black eye. Later that day, when she was up at her mom's, she hit her cheek on the car door. Notice the small scab on her cheek - that's where the door hit. The black eye showed up the next morning and is still present.

I guess we had to christen the RV at some point, but personally I prefer champagne to blood!


  1. OMG :O

    LMAO Tracy, put a cowgirl hat on and you'll look tough. HAHAHAHA

    Glad it wasn't any worse, you must have a tough head.

    Take care,

  2. I vote for a football helmet until you get used to the RV. Take care and

    Stay Safe

  3. YIKES! Time for some padding somewhere, lucky she didn't black out.

  4. You know I see this in my future as well. I'm used to it... I lived full-time on a big gray ship for 5 years of my life, now Madonna... well, we'll see ;)

  5. need to be a little more aggressive with Connie. Show her who's boss. Haha...j/k Despite the black were beautiful yesterday, you are beautiful today, and you'll be beautiful tomorrow. I love you! Safe travels to Texas! =oD

  6. OMG, perhaps the football helmet is a good idea. Ouch! That is about all I can say....ouch!!

    Take care...really...take care!