Monday, April 12, 2010

Hitting the Road...for real!

We head out tomorrow for our first real road trip. We are headed to Livingston TX to do all of the logistical chores of setting up residency (registering vehicles, drivers license, etc). We are planning to split it into about 4 days, possibly staying an extra day in OK City, which is about half way. We are excited to get going, but also a bit anxious. I think it will feel good to get a couple of days on the road behind us so that we know it's no big deal. Wish us luck! I'll check back in in a few days!!


  1. Have a great trip and remember, one mile at a time....LOL! Enjoy!

  2. let me be the first to welcome you to the great state of Texas... don't expect too much from the Livingston area but you will be able to get your paperwork in order there...

  3. Welcome to TEXAS.
    Look us Up if you happen to our area.
    We are in Rockwall, just east of Dallas. Be safe and enjoy.
    Dawn & Denise

  4. Good Luck to both of you. Glad you're getting on the road. Have fun. Dan & Gail (we met at the Kerrville RV-Dreams rally)

  5. Good Luck! Can't wait for all the details on how things go in Livingston. Welcome to the fulltime world!

    Safe travels and enjoy the view.

  6. Good luck and safe travels. I am also looking forward to hearing about Livingston. We still have our rig to register and driver's license to do. Already have the address/mail forwarding. It is good that you all are doing all of the necessary stuff early will make things so much easier.

    Good luck and enjoy the journey!!