Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blogging Hiatus

Current Location: Auburn, WA

Wow! I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted. I took a break from the blogging world, both reading and writing. I didn't really intend to, it just kind of happened. I apologize to all of those who were loyal followers and those that I follow. I can really appreciate those who find things to write on a daily basis. I don't think I'll ever be there. I don't even always boot up the computer every day! In this techno-centric world, I find it nice to be off-line occassionally.

We've been busy traveling, but not RVing. First was our extended visit to Colorado, where we spent over 3 weeks. We returned to Washington for about a week and then were off to Alaska for the Thanksgiving week. That was an unexpected trip which solidified when we were in Colorado. Both trips were joyous, but we really missed our own home and our own routine.

I've been trying to figure out why I haven't been inspired to write. In part, I'm sure, was probably because we weren't living in our RV and we weren't in our own routine. I suspect there's more, but I'm not sure what. The one thing I promised myself when I start blogging was that I wouldn't let it become a chore or an obligation. I would write when I felt like writing. That's easier said than done. I started this blog for myself as a way to capture the feelings I was struggling with. I decided to make it public so that I could share it with close friends and family. I never expected to have so many followers and I certainly never expected to find such a tight-knit blogging community. Now I find myself feeling that I owe it to all of you to keep writing. And I feel a little guilty for not following all of your adventures and tribulations over the past several weeks.

One of my other primary purposes of starting this blog was for a historical reference of our new lifestyle. I don't want to write about what we had for dinner or how much laundry we did. I prefer to write about more introspective stuff, like feelings and emotions. I also tend not to write when I'm down. And although I can't say that I've necessarily been depressed, the last couple of months have been a little unsettling. I guess I'm feeling a little lost with my life at the moment.

I think I've come to realize that planning is essential in my life. I've always been a planner. I like to-do lists. I like to have a road map and to have at least some idea of what's around the next corner. I've found that I prefer to know that we have reservations rather than just roll in someplace and wing it. I'm sure we miss out on some great adventures by not being as spontaneous as we could be, but planning provides a certain comfort for me.

So with that said, I think that's part of where my struggle is coming from. We have a very loose plan for this winter. We knew that when our gig in California ended we would head to the Northwest and spend some time at Tracy's aunt and uncle's in the Seattle-Tacoma area. We also knew that we would have to find work and figured that a large metropolitan area would increase our chances of landing something.

So what's the problem, you may be wondering? Well, I'm not exactly sure. We've been so busy with our recent travels that we haven't had a chance to start our job search. And now that it's time to hunker down and start that exercise in earnest, we're questioning whether we want to stay in the area. The Seattle-Tacoma area is definitely a metropolitan area in all senses - sprawling, tons of people and lots of traffic. Didn't we leave Denver because we wanted out of the city? What are we doing in another large city? Although we haven't done too much exploring, it just doesn't have the "it" factor. I would much prefer a smaller community.

The Northwest climate is also a huge challenge, especially for someone who is used to sun and semi-arid climates. I like to think that we're adaptable and able to handle most anything, but I'm not sure this is the place for me, especially since this is a La Nina year which means that it will be wetter and colder than usual. To make it even more difficult, we're parked in a fairly dense grove of trees so even if there is sun, we won't have any streaming in our windows. In addition, we have limited power and water resources. Our limited power means that we can't run many of our electrical appliances simultaneously without tripping the breaker, which requires us to turn off one to run another. We're adjusting, but it's a pain. We're also unable to stay hooked up to water, which I guess is not that big of a deal since we'd have to unhook when temperatures go below freezing anyway, but it's kind of a hassle to unwind and rewind the hoses every week.

Tracy's aunt and uncle have been very generous and we are extremely grateful for all they have done for us and feel fortunate to be able to spend so much time with them, but I'm just not sure this is what I envisioned when I dreamed of this life. Part of me says to suck it up and just deal with it. It's only for a few months. And without a current income stream, the smart financial decision would be to stay put. But another part of me feels like we should move on and find a better fit. After all, isn't that the beauty of having a house on wheels? We have a few potential areas we'd like to explore more and hopefully the income will follow.

There's another part of me that's struggling with the feeling that we're not taking full advantage of this lifestyle. So many of the blogs I follow talk about all of the travels so many are doing and frankly I'm jealous. It was one thing to be jealous when we were still in a stix n brix, but it's another to actually be living in an RV and still not taking advantage of it. We were stationary all summer and here we are staying put this winter and we'll be stationary again next summer. When does the traveling part come in? I know our traveling will be limited because of work, but if we're not working, why are we sitting still?

So the question is, do we hunker down and try to find jobs here and make the best of it? Or do we postpone looking for jobs until we find somewhere else to live? Or do we look for jobs elsewhere and hope to find a place to live nearby? There are still some workamper opportunities available for the winter, most just working for site. Should we take one of those and hope we can struggle through without an income?

This is what I mean by not having a good plan. Too many decisions and no clue of which way to go!

I'm sure there are some of you wondering if we are having second thoughts about this lifestyle. Wasn't life easier when we had a steady income? In some respects, yes it was, but we have no desire to go back. I believe that this is all part of the learning experience. We know now that we need to have a more difinitive plan and we definitely will in future years. And as far as this year, we'll continue to work on defining and revising our current plan.

No life is without its speed bumps and this is just one of many in ours. We continue pushing through and figure it out somehow, someway. And in the meantime, I'll work on blogging more often.


  1. Wow, great posting. I think you are not any different than the rest of us. All of us tend to be bored with our lives sometimes, its just one part of the human condition. Personally, when I am in a slump, I try to move on to a fresher view. In an RV, this can mean simply moving down the road or it might mean taking on a new challenge. For us, a new "challenge" could be volunteering somewhere new, or it might only mean hiking every trail in the area. I guess all of us require that fresh view once in a while, we only have to define what that translates into.

  2. For me being in a sunny warm climate makes a big difference in how I feel and it sounds like a little sunshine may help you as well. What about heading south and try to find a work camping job? We're in south Georgia and it's too cold and dreary, so we're heading further south!

  3. Good blog with lots of good will work out what is best with you. If you aren't using it as a resource, follow the blog

    For me a similar decision had to do with keeping my motorcycle or getting a car. I wasn't getting out and doing-seeing things because 1)I never bonded well with the BMW and 2)it was too difficult to get in and out of the trailer. After much thought I realized it was the idea of NOT being a lady rider that bothered me more than selling the bike. I sold it and bought a used car to tow. MAJOR change in lifestyle...never regretted doing it.

    Oh, and now I'm back on two wheels...a Harley. Things work out.... Hang in there!

  4. I'm so very glad to see you back! I've been checking every week for new posts and I was concerned something was wrong. Please keep posting. You give us hope for our dream which is three years away. To post your honest feelings helps us all to feel less lonely and to know there are others like us. I think a good dose of sunshine will help you and maybe a new area will be a nice change. No matter what I wish you much peace in any decision you make.

  5. Wonderful post...fabulous thoughts! Not much different than many of us. We too need sunshine and we are one of those that you mentioned TRAVEL ALL THE TIME.

    Finally after 6 years of dealing with many of your same thoughts, we find ourselves in a great position to be able to travel more. We have no other income, no nest egg and have to work our way around the country but were getting the same thoughts for having to be settled in for months at a time. Well, after researching and trying new and different things, we finally found our niche. We continually find very short term jobs for us, but the kind that make enough money so we can take weeks to get to our new location.

    You may not want to travel as extensively as we desire, but you will find your niche if you just listen to those tug and pulls within yourself. That is where you will find all your answers. Stop listening to your head or others, search deep within your heart and soul, and they will lead you in your right direction.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  6. Glad you are back in the blogging world. Great post!

  7. WoW! That comes from down deep. It really gives us something to think about.

    Travel Safe

  8. I agree, excellent post. The feelings you are experiencing are perfectly normal! No matter what lifestyle one lives there will always be moments of question and confusion. This time of the year isn't exactly easy on most people. A sunny location certainly does wonders! You will definitely find your groove. It just takes time. In the mean time live for the moment and enjoy! =0)


  9. Good to read your blog Connie. I always like a plan too. It can really mess with you when you don't have one. I know you both will work it out together. Try to relax and "go with the flow". Just remember, you can always come here and park in our driveway. :) Love you both.

  10. Thanks for sharing, I know many of us missed you while on hiatus. I have struggled with the winging it thing too so I think we will always have a combination of places we have reservations with some traveling on a whim. I think each of us has to find the path that works for us even in this lifestyle. Here's to hoping you find your path!

  11. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  12. Connie,Great post.I too sometimes find it hard to write anything when we aren't on the move like we are here in Florida.I finally decided I would post when I had something I wanted to put in words and share with my followers.I don't think they want to hear we sat around all day on the computer just getting out to walk Buddy.I say just go with the flow on posting.Our experience is a little different as we don't need to work to stay on the road so it would be difficult to advise you other than to follow your hearts.

  13. I'm so glad you have started writing again. I have missed your thoughtful posts. I'm a planner too and enjoy the whole process. I enjoy researching an area and making plans. Good luck with your journey.