Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little R & R

As I discussed in previous posts, the last few weeks have been crazy busy. It's funny that no matter how much advance notice we have of things, I think it must be human nature to procrastinate. Although there was a lot we couldn't do until other things happened, there sure could have been a lot more packing done before the last week! Oh well. We got it done.

We closed on our house last Tuesday, March 16 but didn't officially have to give possession until Friday. We were almost completely moved out by Tuesday evening. We returned on Wednesday to do the final cleaning and the moving of the last few items. We had some pretty long, tiring days but it was worth it. We were able to fit almost everything into a storage unit. The closer we got to the closing date and the more tired we got, we started schlepping some stuff up to my mom's house, with whom we're staying until we get our new home. We didn't want to take too much up there, partially because we didn't want stuff spread around but also because we didn't want to have to move it the 30 or so miles back down to the rig when we get it. Between clothes and boxes, I think we ended up with about 1 full truckload of stuff so it shouldn't be too bad.

On Thursday I left town for a visit to my dad in Florida. Tracy stayed behind to spend some time with her mom who has been dealing with some serious health issues. I was hoping we'd both have a chance for some relaxation before moving on with the next phase of our transition, but I think I'm finding more rest than she is. I feel a bit guilty sitting in the Florida sun (although it hasn't been all that warm) while she is back in Colorado shoveling more than a foot of snow and dealing with family dramas. But I am there in spirit...really!

We will be picking up our rig on Friday, a couple of days after I get back into town. I am excited and nervous. I still have a lot of anxiety about towing something so large, but I know that comes mainly from never having done it before and once I do it a few times, I should be ok. I don't think it will be so bad driving, but I don't look forward to parking and backing in. But I keep telling myself if all of these many thousands of folks can do it, then there's no reason I can't!

I'm excited to start furnishing our new home though. I'm looking forward to organizing and unpacking all of our belongings, but I fear that we'll have way more stuff than will fit and we'll have to do yet another round of purging. This certainly has been an experience unlike no other.

One thing that I find interesting is that our venture always seems to be at the center of discussion, no matter where we are. While we were sitting at the closing table, where the conversation should have been about the new buyers and their excitement, it was all about us and what our plans were. And even here in Florida, each social gathering seems to turn toward our plans. The reactions are mostly positive, at least to my face, although I get the sense that some don't truly understand. And I guess I should expect that since they're not in my shoes. We all come from different backgrounds, have different drives, and find value in different things. It has been said many times that this lifestyle is not for everyone. I think there are a lot of people who couldn't even make it through the transition period. It's been a lot of work, but I know it is all worth it. I'm looking forward to the simple life, because it sure isn't simple getting there!


  1. We know what you mean, we get comments from "wish I was going with you" to "you will be tired of traveling in a few months". Bridget and I have discussed our future plans and feels this new lifestyle will work well for the two of us as we both love to travel. Our closing is set for March 31 at 2pm, FD until April 30th and hit the road May 1, first destination, Florida for the launch and landing of the space shuttle.

    Stay Safe

  2. A huge congratulations to the both of you for surviving these chapters of the transition period. Selling the house,quitting your jobs,finding the "right" RV and purging of excess stuff is an enormous leap into your new lifestyle. Although at this very moment you probably feel exhausted and a bit scatter brained, you must feel pretty proud of your accomplishments! We are proud for you! It certainly isn't simple getting here....but darn it you've MADE IT. Give yourselves a big pat on the back! Welcome! ((hugs)) <3

  3. Wow... it is truly fun reading what you are going thru as our turn will be about this time next year... and don't worry about the towing you will do fine...

  4. Great post and well said!! Everything will flow as you move into your "new" home and the driving/backing will happen just as it has for tons of others. You are right....whatever they can do, you can do. We are still purging things from the MH. I found I brought some stuff I really didn't need....that is normal so don't stress.

    I feel your excitement!! :)

    Mike and Gerri(

  5. Congratulations, so glad you sold your house. We are so excited for you.

    You guys are moving at a very fast pace. We have been planning our RVing lifestyle for several years now. We have experienced a few set-backs and are moving at a much slower pace and it is still stressful.

    Believe me, pulling and backing a fifth wheel just takes a little patience and practice. The more you do it the better you get. Before long you will become a real pro.

    We have loaded, organized and unloaded and reorganized our 5er many times. We bought things we thought we needed to find later we didn’t.

    We love reading your blog.